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Lexian Peninsula Introduction
About Lexian Peninsula

The ancient tower lingkong, three yuan scenery unparalleled; Han 'an yaocai, ten miles sweet city first peak. Seven hundred kilometers long volume of poetry and painting, two thousand years of literary and historical legend, in the tuojiang river, sweet city hinterland, le xian peninsula with its unique regional characteristics, history and culture, tourism resources of the uniqueness and richness, has become a history of southern sichuan, ecology, region, entertainment business card. With a total area of 2.2 square kilometers, the scenic spot is an ecological and cultural tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, cultural experience, recreation, fitness and health preservation.

Features & Culture

Here, you can see mountains and water, and have a strong memory of homesickness.

The vegetation layer of sanyuan mountain is green and overlying, and the reflection of sanyuan tower is looming in the river. There are folk songs of "tuojiang river around the city at 18 curves, sanyuan tower in the middle of the river". The beauty of the artistic concept of landscape integration makes people linger on it.

Scenic Spots

The ancient tower lingkong, three yuan scenery unparalleled; Han 'an yaocai, ten miles sweet city first peak

Seven hundred kilometers long scroll of poetry and painting, two thousand years of literary history legend...

  • Three-yuan pagoda
    The three-yuan pagoda was built in the tang dynasty, collapsed in the late Ming dynasty, and rebuilt in the qing dynasty during the reign of jiaqing. The ternary tower is built of large blue brick, the tower is octahedron, the foundation is square stone b
  • Tashan style town
    Hill town from sichuan folk culture and draw design elements, ancient buildings and utilization of folk culture, heritage, intangible cultural heritage, the traditional manual mill, ancient architecture community, to create rich full-bodied neijiang cultu
  • Impression sweet city
    Impression sweet city exhibition hall is a cultural tourist attraction, but also our district to create a patriotic red education base. The exhibition hall covers an area of 1000 square meters and is composed of three sections, namely, the preface hall, t
  • Daqian happy world theme park
    Located in lexian town, daqian happy world theme park covers an area of about 400 mu. It is a large-scale amusement park invested and constructed by guiyang xinjin amusement park co., ltd. in the south of the city. It is positioned as "the largest an
  • The Christian church
    The building area of the Christian church is about 1868 square meters, which can accommodate more than 800 people to worship. Christianity was introduced into neijiang around 1900, which has a history of more than 100 years. With the gradual development o
  • Tongxin garden
    Tongxin garden is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the May Day slogan issued by the municipal central committee united front work department, municipal central district democratic parties donated and built, the theme is unity, fellowship, landscape
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