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Millennium han anwenyun · landscape lexian peninsula

Neijiang city is located in the southeast of sichuan province, tuojiang river downstream middle section. Geographic coordinates across 29 ° 11 'north latitude 30 ° ~ 2', longitude 104 ° 16 '~ 105 ° 26'; It is adjacent to chongqing in the east, luzhou in the south, zigong in the west, lianmeishan city in the northwest and ziyang city in the north. The eastern han dynasty built the county, said han, nakae, it has been 2000 years of history, it governs two area, three counties and inner river economic development zone, is a area of 5385.46 k ㎡, population of 4278501 people. As a result of rich in sugar cane, candied fruit, sugar output in the peak period accounted for 68% of the whole sichuan, 26% of the country, it is known as the "sweet city".

Neijiang is one of the major national highway transportation hubs planned by the ministry of transport, the second largest transportation hub in sichuan province and an important intersection of southwest land transportation. It is the central city of chengdu-chongqing economic zone and known as "the throat of southern sichuan" and "bashu fortress". A transportation network connecting the north and the south, the east and the west, the crisscross and the water, land and air has been formed. With the opening of chengdu-chongqing high-speed railway, neijiang is integrated into "chengdu-chongqing half-hour economic circle".

Neijiang is the national commercial grain production base, the main production area of grain and cash crops in the province and the pilot city of aquatic industrialization. Taroko blood orange, winter tip, seven star pepper, zhou turnip, lemon and other 17 varieties won the title of pollution-free products, "longchangsu" orchid or national geographic symbol certification trademark, "taroko blood orange" through the national green food certification, "funded catfish", "yongan white mullet" won the national geographic landmark products.

Neijiang is the old industrial base in sichuan and chengdu, chongqing pillar industry supporting base and non-staple food supply base, formed the vanadium and titanium iron and steel, food and beverage, machinery, auto parts and other pillar industries, is to speed up the construction of the western base of vanadium and titanium resources comprehensive utilization, circulating fluidized bed power plant energy conservation and environmental protection demonstration base in China, "urban mining" demonstration base in China, automobile, motorcycle parts manufacturing base in China and west form a complete set of electronic information industry base and so on five big emerging industrial base.
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