lexian peninsula
Millennium han anwenyun · landscape lexian peninsula

The ancient tower lingkong, three yuan scenery unparalleled; Han 'an yaocai, ten miles sweet city first peak. Seven hundred kilometers long volume of poetry and painting, two thousand years of literary and historical legend, in the tuojiang river, sweet city hinterland, le xian peninsula with its unique regional characteristics, history and culture, tourism resources of the uniqueness and richness, has become a history of southern sichuan, ecology, region, entertainment business card. With a total area of 2.2 square kilometers, the scenic spot is an ecological and cultural tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, cultural experience, recreation, fitness and health preservation.

LeXian peninsula tourist area located in the beautiful and rich coast of the tuojiang river, about two kilometers away from urban areas, west 172 km away from chengdu, east 169 kilometers away from chongqing, adjacent to high-speed rail station three yuan, on the above, half an hour away from chengdu tourism core area of 2.2 square kilometers, the overall layout of "one axis with four zones" - as the starting point at the center of the tourists, the ternary mountains of bashu ancient red "leshan" as the axis, serial peripheral culture experience area, the high-quality goods sightseeing area, theme amusement experience area of plant and animal, riverside wetland recreational area. The main scenic spots include tashan characteristic town, sanyuan tower, daqian happy world theme park, the right bank of tuojiang cultural and ecological belt on lexian peninsula, etc

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